EA Sports ‘College Football 25’ top offense rankings called out by fans, media members (2024)

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Andrew Olson| 13 days ago

EA Sports’ “College Football 25” console video game is under a month from being released. With the game being highly anticipated, EA has been treating fans to a few previews, such as the toughest places to play and various sights and sounds.

On Thursday, the top offenses were revealed. Here’s how they’re set ahead of the big release, with EA noting that rankings are subject to change in future updates.

  1. Georgia – 94 OVR
  2. Oregon – 94 OVR
  3. Alabama – 91 OVR
  4. Texas – 91 OVR
  5. Ohio State – 89 OVR
  6. LSU – 89 OVR
  7. Miami – 89 OVR
  8. Colorado – 89 OVR
  9. Missouri – 89 OVR
  10. Clemson – 87 OVR
  11. Utah – 87 OVR
  12. Penn State – 87 OVR
  13. Ole Miss – 87 OVR
  14. Kansas – 87 OVR
  15. Arizona – 87 OVR
  16. NC State – 87 OVR
  17. Notre Dame – 85 OVR
  18. Texas A&M – 85 OVR
  19. Memphis – 85 OVR
  20. SMU – 85 OVR
  21. UCF – 85 OVR
  22. Florida State – 83 OVR
  23. Oklahoma – 83 OVR
  24. Virginia Tech – 83 OVR
  25. USC – 83 OVR

The top 10 rankings particularly dominated the social media discussion.

EA Sports ‘College Football 25’ top offense rankings called out by fans, media members (1)

Surprise, surprise – fans have some issues with EA’s official rankings. Ole Miss being outside the top 10 and behind teams such as Miami, Colorado and Clemson is a particular point of controversy. It’s just as shocking to have Tennessee’s high-powered offense completely absent from the top 25.

Here’s a sample of what fans and media members are saying about the offensive rankings:

The early ratings and rankings this week in College Football 25 are pretty rough …

*Ohio State in the 80s offensively

*No Oklahoma State (with a returning Doak Walker winner) in top 25

*Clemson’s OFFENSE rated higher than its home-field advantage … do what pic.twitter.com/GQVjFzT77D

— Brad Crawford (@BCrawford247) June 27, 2024

Ole Miss: 13th in total yards, 16th in scoring = 13th on the list

Colorado: 99th in total yards, 60th in scoring = 8th on the list

Clemson: 98th in total yards, 58th in scoring = 10th on the list.

Make it MAKE SENSE https://t.co/1CPkCaQV1x

— Cole Thompson (@MrColeThompson) June 27, 2024

EA Sports released its highest-rated offenses for College Football ’25, and I cackled when I saw Miami & Colorado listed without Ole Miss. pic.twitter.com/fBTBYLrA0z

— Connor O’Gara (@cjogara) June 27, 2024

Colorado and Miami??? https://t.co/if8JOTzdXu

— Mill (@dmillertimeee) June 27, 2024

You can’t seriously tell me Tennessee is not a top 25 offense in the nation

— Moshi (@Moshimadden) June 27, 2024

is r/cfb making this game? is that why every single hype shot and thing i’ve seen from it is just if redditors got their hands on a sports game? does anyone at ea actually watch college or pro football anymore? https://t.co/PJhN0oeuUE

— Katie (@KatesOfHeaven) June 27, 2024

Needs a patch already Miami? Colorado?? https://t.co/8rAWyxzx80

— ️ (@brycejallday) June 27, 2024

I’m gonna keep it real with you playa

Having our offense over Arizona, Kansas, and Ole Miss is wild lol

— Clemson Addict (@Clemson_Addict) June 27, 2024

Colorado’s offense is an 89 overall and rated higher than OLE MISS?? https://t.co/eDm42ZRIt0

— Ghost of Texas Football (@FortyAcreVibes) June 27, 2024

A Penn State offense that could only score 25 points against Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl somehow has the same overall as the Rebels. Give me a break https://t.co/xoD2DuUuK4

— Conlan Birdsall (@Broadcast_Bird) June 27, 2024

I’m geeked out at Colorado. Once again, putting Tennessee out of this.

How do you not have the Rebs on this? Colorado? Top 10 offense in football? https://t.co/BuI2CXshnW

— WildasaMink (@wildasamink_) June 27, 2024

I don’t really care about being left out of the top 25. What’s absolutely WILD to me is that this implies Tennessee’s offense is not even an 83. And that’s insane. https://t.co/Sc97Ie7cfh

— Stephen Kasper (@BeardedKasper) June 27, 2024

The game is set to be released on July 19. It will certainly be interesting to see how these translate into gameplay.


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EA Sports ‘College Football 25’ top offense rankings called out by fans, media members (2)

Andrew Olson

Andrew is a News Manager for XLMedia's Saturday Football brands. Follow on Twitter.


EA Sports ‘College Football 25’ top offense rankings called out by fans, media members (3)

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  • mrtruth2 weeks ago

    I would think the offense ratings would reflect the talent ratings of the players, which suggests both have been wildly inflated for Colorado and some other teams. Not sure what the motivation would be, since I think most fans tend to want to run the offense and I’ve found the offensive success is more related to player skill than anything else.

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    • voltrainconductor2 weeks ago

      If the gambling houses have Neyland at #13 toughness and the Vols offense not even ranked, take the Vols. Nico scored 3 rushing TDs on a team that allowed 4 all year. He scored another passing. Another TD was dropped against the #4 ranked defense in the nation. The Vols are going to smoke every defense they play. I’ve been saying it all year. No one is catching on. Say it with me Ee Ah Mah Lee Ah Va. Household name this fall. Bank it.

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    • DSGB112 weeks ago

      Leaving Tennessee completely off the list is nuts, even with a green QB. I get the offensive rating is a collective whole, but you’d think with their returning players they’d still have enough to crack the Top 15… good news is they’ll do updates so this should be corrected early in the season.

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  • mizzoufan20112 weeks ago

    Colorado and Miami are the most surprising to me.

    I can’t complain Mizzou being in the Top 10; I believe the game did good there.

    I think Ole Miss deserved more respect than they got.

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  • CaptainReb1012 weeks ago

    This is all about making money by exciting certain fan bases. Not reflective of real on the field value.

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EA Sports ‘College Football 25’ top offense rankings called out by fans, media members (2024)
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