How to Choose the Best Fan for Your Dorm Room (2024)

Are you (or your college-bound teen) ready for life in a dorm room? Those first few months of the year can be hot and uncomfortable, regardless of whether your dorm apartment is equipped with air conditioning. Because of this, afanfor your dorm room is a must-have on the college back-to-school list. To help you get started, here are a few things to consider when purchasing your dorm room fan.

Safety First

Don’t start college off on the wrong foot by breaking the dorm rules on move-in day. You have probably already been informed that you are not allowed to have candles or hot plates in your room. With so many students living in the same building, it is essential for the safety of everyone involved to follow all room rules and safety measures. First make sure the dorm or apartment allows personal fans to be used. Choose a fan with excellent safety features, and always plug your fan directly into the wall instead of a power cord or extension. Fans like the36″ Tower Fan with Remote Controland the18″ Performance Pedestal Fan with Remoteare equipped with The Blue Plug™ Patented Safety Fuse technology. If any hazardous electrical fault is detected by your fan’s fused safety plug, all electrical power will be cut off to the fan in order to prevent a fire.

Consult With Your Roommate

Sharing a space is never easy. Before you rush out to buy a dorm room fan, chat with your future roommate or roommates. They may have plans to bring a fan as well, or they may be happy to hear you’re bringing one to share. Be mindful that most dorm rooms have very limited space. Talk with them about the furniture and other items they will bring, and consider how much space will be taken up by both of your things. If it’s determined that the majority of your floor space will be otherwise occupied, consider awindow fanor a personaltable fanfor your room. (Check with the RA or the dorm rulebook before buying a window fan – some buildings may not allow placing a fan in the window for aesthetic or safety purposes.) An8″ Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fanfits snuggly into the window (it can also be placed on the floor or on a desk), and comes equipped with a Comfort Watch® thermostat that automatically senses room temperature and turns the fan on or off.A20″ Weather-Shield® Select Box Fan with Thermostatwith an isolated motor is also a sure bet, since the Ultra Performance grill design provides up to 20% more airflow. The12″ Classic Metal Table Fanhas an oil-rubbed bronze finish that adds to the room’s décor, and sits neatly on top of a desk or bedside table.

Be Considerate

Speaking of roommates, make sure the sound of your fan isn’t a study distraction. Some people love the gentle white-noise of a fan. Others need perfect quiet to finish their reading before class. Be considerate of the space you are sharing and opt for a fan that doesn’t make a lot of noise. TheAir Stik® Ultra Slim Oscillating Fanhas two quiet settings that will not interrupt anyone’s study session.

No A/C? No Problem

If your dorm room does not have air conditioning, a fan is a lifesaver on hot nights. The trick is to increase air flow as much as possible and draw cool air into your space while keeping hot air out. In this case, abox fanis great for a dorm. Lasko’s20″ Cool Colors box fanscome in a wide array of hues that can match your new room décor or add a bright pop of color. Try acool steel blueorbright purplebox fan to add some fun and functionality to the space. (If bright colors aren’t your thing, don’t worry; there’s also asolid black box fanfor a more modern look.) These fans can exchange air and boost air circulation in your space. Mostbox fanscome with multiple, quiet speed settings to keep you comfortable whatever the temperature.

Fan + Air Conditioning = Comfort

Dorm room fans are still useful when you have air conditioning. A fan will keep the air from getting stale, and it can give you a little bit of a “wind chill effect” to keep you and your roomies cool. When you have a lot of people in your room, a fan prevents the room from becoming too stuffy. With the A/C running, you don’t need as much power in your fan. Try atable fanor apersonal clip-on fanjust for your desk. There’s no reason to sweat it when buying a dorm room fan. Stick to these tips, and you will keep your cool as you head back to school.

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How to Choose the Best Fan for Your Dorm Room (2024)
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