Nurse Next Door Bold Dreams & Goals - 2024 Recipients (2024)

“Keep chasing your dreams, one day you will catch them.”
Dean Karnazes)

At Nurse Next Door Australia, caregivers and nurses are at the heart of what we do, and we are passionate about showcasing our exceptional care team who are Making Lives Better in our local communities.

Through their unwavering dedication and heartfelt compassion, our care team goes above and beyond each day which is why, each year, Nurse Next Door Australia’s Bold Dreams and Goals initiative, awards five caregivers or nurses with $1,000 empowering them to realise their most bold dreams.

Every employee is invited to share their dream and how they are Making Lives Better in their local community, and whilst every entry told amazing stories about our Bold Pink Care Team’s passion for caring, Nurse Next Door Australia had the difficult job of narrowing it down to just 5 winners. Today, we are excited to announce our winners and share their stories.

Passionate About Making A Difference

Elizabeth – Nurse Next Door Gippsland

Elizabeth has been an integral part of the Nurse Next Door Gippsland team for over a year, fully embodying our core value of being Passionate About Making a Difference.

She is dedicated to fostering independence in her clients, whether by enhancing their mobility through simple exercises or boosting their confidence in driving. Additionally, she encourages clients to engage socially, taking them on outings around their hometown and helping them reconnect with friends in the local community.

Elizabeth dreams of travelling to Cape York in her 80 Series Land Cruiser, equipped to be completely self-sufficient. Her goal is to traverse the Old Telegraph Track and catch a Barramundi and a Coral Trout at Gunshot Creek.

Her gift will help cover essential expenses such as food, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and provide an emergency fund as she embarks on this 3,000 km solo journey.

“If I can do this, it will prove to myself I am capable of anything. To turn FEAR into Face Everything And Rise.” – Elizabeth.

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WOW Customer Experience

Marilyn – Nurse Next Door Perth North

Marilyn has been a caregiver with Nurse Next Door Perth North for over six months, consistently exemplifying our core value of providing a WOW Customer Experience through her acts of kindness and dedication to helping clients achieve their dreams.

With a caregiving career spanning over 39 years, Marilyn always puts herself in her clients’ shoes to understand them better on a personal level. Through this empathy, she discovered one client’s wish to see the Australia Day fireworks and made it a reality. Another client had never seen Christmas lights, so Marilyn made this possible, and together they explored the festive lights and spirit in their local community.

Marilyn’s dream is to build a memorial for her daughter, something she has been saving for. Her gift will help cover the final costs. We hope this small gesture provides Marilyn with some peace of mind, knowing her dream of building her daughter’s memorial can be fulfilled.

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Admire People

Brad – Nurse Next Door Newcastle

Brad is a Registered Nurse who has been with Nurse Next Door Newcastle for over a year and a half. He is deeply committed to Making Lives Better and truly embodies our core value of Admire People as he attends to each client’s nursing needs.

Brad believes that laughter is the best medicine and understands that receiving nursing care can be daunting for clients. He always combines banter with professionalism before and during visits, providing peace of mind to clients. Brad takes the time to explain his actions as he cares for his clients, ensuring they feel comfortable throughout the experience. He consistently goes above and beyond during his nursing visits, whether it’s ordering a skip bin to help declutter a client’s house or visiting a client in the hospital to check on them. Brad genuinely values each interaction.

Brad’s dream was to return to his home state of Western Australia with his wife and son to see his aging parents one last time. While he had enough to cover his own airfare, it would have been the first time he was separated from his young family. Brad’s gift helped cover the trip for his entire family so they could all be together.

“Winning this bold dream goal would be amazing and deeply personal to me to have my family by my side for this final journey. Thank you.” – Brad

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Find a Better Way

Momoka – Nurse Next Door Ryde

Momoka has been a caregiver with Nurse Next Door Ryde for over a year and a half, consistently demonstrating our core value of Find a Better Way during her visits.

She understands the importance of establishing trust, personalising care, embracing creativity, and providing comprehensive support to both clients and their families. Momoka continually seeks new ways to enhance each client’s experience. Whether it’s using a pool noodle and a balloon to play cricket safely with a client nearing 100 years old, providing sensory experiences and outings, or introducing new foods to a client’s diet, Momoka always finds ways to bring more happiness to those she serves.

Momoka’s dream is to become a Palliative Care Nurse, inspired by her experience with numerous end-of-life cases as a nurse in her home country. Her gift will help cover the cost of her education as she works towards achieving this bold dream and goal.

“Helping individuals in their final moments and improving their quality of life is deeply fulfilling to me.” – Momoka

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WOW Customer Experience

Lisa – Nurse Next Door Gold Coast

Lisa has been a caregiver with Nurse Next Door Gold Coast for over 10 months, consistently delivering WOW Customer Experiences in every interaction with her clients.

Lisa believes that being a caregiver gives her the chance to make a positive difference in a client’s day, and she never considers any effort too much when offering support to those who need it most. She begins each visit with the intention of making at least one positive change or impact. Whether it’s bringing a game, book, or magazine a client enjoys, or offering to cook their favourite meal, Lisa goes above and beyond. For example, when given the option to leave a visit early due to her client’s telehealth appointment, Lisa instead spent the extra time cooking a large pot of homemade pumpkin soup. She portioned it into containers to freeze, served the remainder on a tray with a vase of freshly picked flowers, and left a note. This simple act of kindness reminded her client that someone always cares.

As a working mum, Lisa often puts others before herself. Her dream is to focus on her own health and fitness to boost her self-confidence and overall mental and physical well-being. We hope that Lisa’s gift can help her start this journey so she can continue to be the best version of herself.

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At Nurse Next Door Australia, we are incredibly proud of our 2024 Bold Dreams & Goals recipients. Each of these caregivers and nurses exemplifies our commitment to Making Lives Better through their dedication, compassion, and innovative approaches to care. Their stories of empathy, selflessness, and aspiration inspire us all and reinforce the profound impact that heartfelt caregiving can have on individuals and communities.

As we celebrate Elizabeth, Marilyn, Brad, Momoka, and Lisa, we are reminded of the importance of supporting our care team in their personal and professional journeys. Their dreams and goals not only reflect their individual passions but also the core values that define Nurse Next Door. By helping them achieve their Bold Dreams, we hope to empower them to continue delivering exceptional care and to inspire others around them.

Congratulations to all our winners. Your stories and achievements are a testament to the incredible difference you make every day. Thank you for embodying the spirit of Nurse Next Door and for your unwavering dedication to Making Lives Better.

At Nurse Next Door, we are passionate about Making Lives Better.

If your are looking at Caregiving as a Career click here to learn more and see what opporunitites are available in your local area.

If you require care in your own home, on your own terms, contact us 24/7 on 1300 600 247 to discuss how Nurse Next Door can help you keep doing what you love.

Nurse Next Door Bold Dreams & Goals - 2024 Recipients (2024)
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