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Flexible scheduling.We realize that children can become sick or injured at any time. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday. In addition, our office has emergency sick visits on Saturdays from 8:30 a.m. to noon. Our doctors are available after hours for emergencies.

On-site laboratory.We have an on-site laboratory. This convenience allows the physicians to make an accurate diagnosis and determine the best course for your child, as soon as possible.

Team approach to care.Your family will benefit from 9 providers and many experienced nurses working in collaboration. Our physicians are board certified and have expertise in many areas, including newborn care, preventive medicine, developmental pediatrics and management of acute and chronic illnesses. With combined physician experience of more than 100 years, you can be assured that your child is getting the best care available.

Personalized attention.Our objective is to work with you to provide comprehensive, personalized medical care to your child. That’s why we formed a practice with a diverse team of pediatricians. You may have a preference in terms of the gender of your physician, their number of years in practice, work style and medical interests. We encourage you to build a relationship with your pediatrician and want you to choose the doctor who best meets your family’s unique needs.

Affiliation with Prisma Health Children’s Hospital.In a constantly changing medical environment, we are grateful to be a part of Prisma Health. This offers our physicians preferred access to pediatric subspecialists, emergency services and state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and treatments. If your child needs specialized care, we can work as a team to provide the highest quality and most advanced care.

We use the same electronic medical records, radiology systems and treatment protocols as Prisma Health pediatric subspecialists, ensuring excellent communication and quality of care. Being a part of Prisma Health also provides us with a strong working relationship with Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, the Upstate’s only comprehensive hospital program dedicated exclusively to children. Together, we will continue to provide the most advanced and patient-friendly services and treatments. You can know that your child is receiving the best care possible.

MyChart. Through Prisma Health’s MyChart, you can access your child’s medical records including immunization records, lab results, visit summaries, and medications. Other great features of MyChart include:

  • Schedule acute sick appointments as well as yearly well visits.
  • Check in for your appointments up to three days in advance.
    • Verify address, phone number, and insurance
    • Complete questionnaires related to the scheduled appointment.
    • Pay copays if applicable
  • Send messages to the clinical staff.
    • Ask brief, non-urgent questions
    • Request prescription refills
    • Request school or work excuses
    • Request immunization records
  • Upload forms and photos

Ask about getting connected to MyChart when you are in the office or go to the link below.

Phone-a-nurse service. Each day, we have nurses designated to answer parents’ calls promptly. If the nurse and parent determine your child needs to see a physician, we will schedule a visit for the same day.

After-hours pediatric nurse triage. If your child becomes sick or injured after hours, call our office and you will be connected with a Children’s Hospital emergency pediatric nurse. Depending on the situation, the nurse can:

  • Offer recommendations for parents to treat the child at home
  • Make your child an appointment with their regular pediatrician for the next morning
  • Request the parent bring the child to the PH Children’s Emergency center at Greenville Memorial Hospital
  • Page the Prisma Health Pediatrics – Pleasantburg physician on call
  • Direct you to our pediatric after-hours clinic

Newborn care. In the hospital immediately after your baby is born, newborn care will be provided by Prisma Health newborn hospitalists. These hospitalists are dedicated to newborn care and will manage any needs of your new baby. They will be present on-site 24 hours, seven days a week and will evaluate your baby’s progress regularly during your hospital stay.

When your baby is ready to go home, the hospitalist team will help you arrange follow-up care with us in the office. At that time, we will have access to your baby’s newborn care and medical information via Prisma Health’s electronic medical records system. We are excited to meet your new arrival in our office.

We happily accept newborns form non-Prisma Health hospitals and routinely see babies from all the area hospitals, including St. Francis Health System, Mary Black Hospital and Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. Be sure to let the hospital staff know that you plan to use Prisma Health Pediatrics – Pleasantburg as your baby’s pediatrician.

Prisma Health Pediatrics–Pleasantburg | Prisma Health Children's Services (2024)
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