The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (2024)

The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (1)


As the self-proclaimed president of the hot sleepers club, my favorite hack for getting less-sweaty z’s at night is to use a fan to keep my room cool.

This also eliminates the need to keep my AC unit running for hours and saves some money in the process. A breezy bedroom fan paired with breathable sheets designed with hot sleepers in mind is a winning combo.


But since there are tons of fans on the market, we searched all corners of Amazon to find the best ones, according to reviewers who also swear by them for sleeping through the night. Check them out below.

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The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (2)


Pelonis 40-inch oscillating tower fan

This is the fan that saves me every summer, and its narrow design makes it perfect for small spaces. It has three preset modes: natural, which mimics the less-predictable rhythm of an outdoor breeze; sleep, which starts off strong and slows down gradually as you drift off; and normal, which is, well, normal. It also has three intensity settings (low, middle, and high), along with an “eco” energy-saving setting. It also comes with a battery-operated remote control.

Promising review: "I have tried multiple different fans for when I sleep. I bought this one and had my first FULL night of sleep in years. Works amazing. Definitely recommend this fan for anyone who is looking for one." — Gammie


The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (3)


Lasko pedestal fan

If you prefer a classic pedestal fan with exposed blades, this oscillating model from Lasko fits the bill. The stand can be adjusted up to 54.5 inches tall and the fan has low, medium and high speed settings.

Promising review: "I had one of these before that lasted like a decade so getting another one was a no brainer. I have tinnitus and need a lot of white noise to help me sleep and this fan does just that. Not only does it give me the sounds I need but it's like a tornado of wind when you turn it on, you will feel it across the room no problems. It's amazing." — Chris


The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (4)


Honeywell QuietSet fan

This 40-inch oscillating remote control tower fan has five settings, including power cool, refresh, white noise, calm and sleep. You can even customize the dimness of the control panel so it doesn't keep you up at night. It operates quietly while still giving off powerful air flow as you slumber.

Promising review: "Our bedroom is hotter than the rest of the house and our overhead fan wasn’t cutting it. We have an old ac unit and can’t shell out the money to replace it right now. This fan was a major improvement to the room temp and helps me and my partner sleep. I put it on power chill at night, and the white noise is an added benefit for sound sleep. Highly recommend, I also like that it is easy to move. I sometimes move it to my office when I work from home, and when I use my under desk treadmill." — Alexa Rimmer



The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (5)


Lasko oscillating tower fan

This 42-inch tower fan has three adjustable speeds and a remote control so you don't have to leave your cozy bed to operate it. It provides widespread oscillation to keep your entire bedroom cool while you sleep and even has an energy-saving timer that shuts it off after a max of 7.5 hours.

Promising review:
"I loved this fan so much I bought two of them! It is very slim in its design and doesn’t take up a lot of space but with the oscillate mode, it can cool down a whole room. It’s not super loud, and makes a soothing white noise sound - which is great for people with tinnitus when going to bed. The remote works from far away and the hour intervals you can set up for the fan are great for sleep." — Catparents


The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (6)


Vornado 460 whole room air circulator

Make space on your nightstand or dresser for this Vornado air circulator that's specifically designed to move air up to 70 feet around your whole room. It has a three-speed manual control so you can customize how much air you want while you sleep. It's surprisingly small — only about 11 inches in height — given how powerful it is.

Promising review:
"Ive been looking for the bed fan that blows my hair back when I am sleeping, this is it. Since i was a kid I have always needed a fan to sleep, but always felt the wind speed was never enough. I have been through countless fans to try and meet my fan speed needs, all have failed. I have finally found the bed fan that makes me sleep faster and better. If your looking for that powerful fan to help you sleep, this is it. I have now bought two more for living room and kitchen, just for air flow. Trust me, this is the fan your looking for." — Michael


The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (7)


Honeywell Dreamweaver fan

Functioning as both a fan and a pink noise sound machine (pink noise is a balanced mix of low and high frequencies), this unique tabletop device from Honeywell oscillates to push air around the whole room. It's about seven inches in height.

Promising review: "My bf is a super light sleeper, and HATES my kids noise machine, and our ceiling fan crackles when the a/c comes on, and he is up to almost any noise. This fan has been great - he sleeps way better, and we're cooler too." — jcklecka



The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (8)


Dreo Nomad One tower fan

This floor tower fan has a powerful, supercharged electric motor that distributes air cool enough for even the warmest of nights. It stands 36 inches tall, comes with a remote control and oscillates 90 degrees.

Promising review:
"I've had this fan for a week and I love it. Currently it's in the corner of my bedroom... I always get hot when I sleep. It's on level 1 and I'm cool enough. Of all the gadgets I've purchased on this site, this one takes the prize. It's not cheaply built, it's quiet and best of all, I'm cool at night. I'd buy it again for sure." — Jennifer

The Best Bedroom Fans For Cool And Comfortable Sleep (2024)
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