Which bank is international in India? (2024)

Which bank is international in India?

American Express Banking Corporation, DBS Bank India Limited, Bank of America, Citibank N.A, Barclays Bank Plc, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, and others are among the best banks in India for international banking. In terms of credit card services, Standard Chartered Bank is the finest.

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Is there any international bank in India?

Today, India houses a total of 46 foreign banks. In addition to the enlisted banks, some of the other prominent players include Credit Suisse, State Bank of Mauritius (SBM), the American Express Banking Corporation, Emirates Bank NBD, and Doha Bank.

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Which Indian bank is best for international transactions?

SBI. SBI, also known as the State Bank of India, is a government-held bank. They offer a range of services for sending money internationally and have already processed more than $100 billion in international remittances this year. Some popular destinations for SBI transfers include the US, the UK, the UAE, and Canada.

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What is international bank account in India?

An international account will give you access to money in different currencies whenever you need. With an international money transfer you can transfer a set amount at a set time and at regular intervals.

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Is HDFC an international bank?

Yes, you can use HDFC Bank services internationally via net banking and mobile banking.

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Which Bank works internationally?

Many banks operate in multiple countries with a global physical presence. HSBC, CitiGroup, and Bank of America are a few examples of banks with operations worldwide.

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Can I open international bank account in India?

Does RBI allow Indian residents to open a foreign bank account? Yes. RBI permits Indians to open and maintain a bank account overseas. Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme of the RBI, sending money to your account overseas is a legitimate purpose.

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Which Indian bank has most international branches?

State Bank of India (SBI)

It has 22,405 branches in India, holds a 23 percent market share, and has a strong presence abroad, with more than 233 foreign branches in 36 countries. In the April-June quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24, SBI overtook Reliance Industries as India's most profitable company.

Which bank is best for international banking?


HSBC Bank India, a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc., is among the world's largest banking and financial organizations. The bank set up its first ATM in India back in 1987 and its headquarters are in Mumbai. HSBC Bank has over 25 branches in India and caters to more than 100,000 (1 lakh) customers.

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Is HDFC good for international transactions?

Yes, the HDFC Bank credit card can be used abroad. However, the activation process must be completed in order to use the card abroad. Will I be charged a fee in case I use the credit card abroad? Yes, a fee will be levied in case you use the credit card abroad.

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Can I transfer money from my Indian account to international account?

Wire Transfer Through Banks

If you have a savings account with a bank, an international money transfer from India can be made through a SWIFT transfer.

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Is Axis bank International?

The Overseas operations of the Bank are spread over eight international offices with branches in Singapore, Dubai (at DIFC), and Gift City-IBU; representative offices in Dhaka, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and an overseas subsidiary in London, UK.

Which bank is international in India? (2024)
Is HSBC an international bank?

Our international services

Discover how we support you globally, from everyday global banking to expert local guidance. Send money from the UK to over 150 destinations worldwide, with live exchange rates during market opening hours. Fees may apply.

Who is the No 1 bank in India?

The SBI, or the State Bank of India, is the largest bank in India by total assets, while HDFC Bank tops the list in terms of market capitalisation.

How much does HDFC charge for international transaction?

3.5% + applicable taxes on foreign currency transaction carried out on Debit Cards. The exchange rate used will be the VISA/MasterCard wholesale exchange rate prevailing at the time of transaction/merchant settlement.

Is Icici Bank International?

The Bank currently has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Canada, branches in United States, Singapore, Bahrain, China, Hong Kong and Dubai International Finance Centre and representative offices in United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Is BDO an international bank?

The Bank has the largest distribution network with over 1,700 operating branches and more than 4,700 ATMs nationwide. BDO has 16 international offices (including full-service branches in Hong Kong and Singapore) spread across Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Is BPI an international bank?

Overseas, we offer diverse value-added services through two banking subsidiaries: BPI International Finance Limited in Hong Kong and Bank of the Philippine Islands (Europe) PLC, which has a head office and a branch in London.

How many international banks are in India?

In India, a total of 45 Indian International Banks operated. That 45 Foreign Banks have around 300 branches in India. These 300 branches are located in the largest cities of India. As of the year 2024, there are a total of 46 Indian International Banks established in India.

How can I open HDFC international account?

DOCUMENTATION (New to Bank /Existing NRI customer)
  1. NRI Account Opening FORM (A4) signed by all holders. ...
  2. Latest Passport size photograph of all holders.
  3. Copy of PAN card / Form 60 (in absence of PAN) (Click Here for form 60).
  4. Proof of Identity (Valid Indian / Foreign Passport)

What bank accounts can NRI open in India?

What are the types of NRI Accounts?
  • Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) Savings Account/ Fixed Deposit Account.
  • Non-Resident External (NRE) Savings Account/ Fixed Deposit Account.
  • Foreign Currency Non -Resident (FCNR) Fixed Deposit Account.

Can foreigners use UPI in India?

“UPI One World” can now be issued to foreign nationals/NRIs from G20 countries basis Passport and Valid Visa.

Which is safest bank in India?

Which bank is the safest in India? According to RBI, the State Bank of India (SBI) is considered the safest bank due to its financial soundness, creditworthiness and significant presence in the market.

Which is the largest international bank in India?

Standard Chartered is the largest foreign bank in India.

There were around 46 international banks in India in the year 2020. Other well-known foreign banks having a large presence in India are Citibank, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays Bank.

Which is best bank in India?

Overview of 10 Best Banks in India 2023
  1. State Bank of India (SBI) State Bank of India, the largest public sector no. ...
  2. HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank is a leading private sector bank known for its robust financial performance. ...
  3. ICICI Bank. ...
  4. Punjab National Bank (PNB) ...
  5. Bank of Baroda (BoB) ...
  6. Axis Bank. ...
  7. Canara Bank. ...
  8. Union Bank of India.
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